MKHL = mikhael


Mikhael Naylor (born May 8th, 1994) is a independent hip hop artist at the wheel of an empire of his own design. Raised in London, Kingsbury (UK), MK started rapping towards the end of his career as “Poorly Made” where he saw praise from publications like “Complex” and more.

He began working on his first album “Oh-Sama” in 2017 after partnering with Italian record label “Afromartian” in Italy. Influenced by underground New York rappers He’d cultivated into a squad, the Album gave birth to the Scrape Squad and MAX, The first official scrape squad track featured on DJ booth.

The traction from MAX lead MK and the Scrape squad into becoming official RAW artists playing premier sellout venues across the states.

MK has also cultivated an audience on Instagram known as the “Uchiha Gang” inspired by the anime “Naruto”. The UG community takes MK’s inspirations from anime displayed by songs like “kirin” and “Devil man” and has been known to randomly gain him major placement in the anime and HipHop social media community online

MK is also admin to the massive Facebook group “Soundcloud music unchained” showing his mind for business and mass distribution.