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The songs chosen for this project i feel best reflect my childish love towards music. Some listeners might know a few of these songs from some of the best nights ive had in NYC

The Artwork (Designed by @Woodratjay) will be available as a snap back and hoodie design internationally. There is also a plan in motion for a partnership with upcoming high end brand Avant Guard (@KWYS) for a custom collection in Atlanta. I designed the Logo for AG and we’ve been coordinating a merch drop for a few months now.

Since the development of the scrape squad ive found myself in a place of constant development. Jakku Hatsuan and Alfa Blvck feature throughout the project with Ad libs, Verses and some times even production. `They're also the reason for the project title “Lituation” thanks to most of these songs suddenly just existing in the morning after a night so insane it could only be described as such

Even though some songs are subject to change, the image of this project is pretty clear. I don’t feel the need to impress anybody with my work but i wanted this project to speak volumes for my ability to be myself at all times.

My topics are diverse with the feel of songs like “Risk” shadowing tracks like “Netflix” with my approach remaining true to me. I don’t use a fun beat as a way to escape substance while my lyrics are relatable enough for you to find yourself answering the phone with hooks.

I worked with ILLVMINATE to create a sound unique too ourselves thanks to our partnership with Afromartian

i believe a good leader inspires and that’s what i want this project to do.