Who is Michael

Born and raised in Harlem, New York. Michael Booker also known as Michael has always dreamed of living life through music. At the age of 6 he started playing drums in his church where his father, Rev. James E. Booker was the Pastor. His father prayed over his hands and the gift was revealed but no one knew that it would transform and mature to what it is today.

This transformation occurred during his first year in high school. Most of his time would be committed to making melodies and writing lyrics. He would always say "school isn't really my thing, music is my life!" His passion for music was undeniable to his classmates and professors. Everyone predicted that he would one day attain his dream and that support fueled his drive for musical success. After performing at shows, moving crowds with music, and indulging fully into music, he realized that this was the life he would want forever.

Michael has release on EP with Keys To Heart called "The Young" in 2013 under the name Mic B. Micheal felt that name was exactly what the EP was called young. Now older with a more mature sound he is Michael.