"FYTB" ft MKHL & Alfa Blvck Official music video

Alfa Blvck & MKHL partner for the smash hit FYTB

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MKHL - Gas (Official Video)

Featured on PurpTV (304k subs) MK lets his energy guide you through the his smokers mantra “Gas”

The video features appearances by popular underground NY names like Jakku Hatsuan. After an almost 11 month stay in Atlanta, this was MKHl’s official return to NY with the Scrape Squad.

Official music video for MKHL - 12 on me

Produced by Josh Kelly Ft. JiiP on Violin

Performances by Alexis Montoya & Jac Brainchild

MK’s message in “12 On Me” hit a major social note gaining the traction to get him placement as an official VEVO artist and a feature in Elevator magazine. In “12 On Me” MK challenges the social constructs and their influence on the justice system in america. The songs main traction was gained after its VEVO release seeing over 100k plays in a matter of days.




MKHL - For the crew ft. fizzy

official audio for For The Crew



(Official Music Video)


Directed, filmed, and edited by Cale Donaldson at Dutch Money Productions™


All i have left (Official Music Video)

Directed and edited by MKHL, Filmed by Taj Francois

MK’s first official music video. Filmed after the passing of his grandmother, this song would go on to the be the beginning of MKHL’s approach to creating his art by any means.

for “all i have left” MK lays bare all the skeletons in his closet addressing his relationship with his father, his longing to see his family back in London and more. The songs visual, displaying MK being drawn as he raps and animated as he sings, caught traction on twitter launching MK’s image into the main stage almost immediately.